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    R6 elo glitched!

    I am having a major problem when playing rainbow six siege ranked. I am not gaining/losing as much elo/MMR as i should be. I am only gaining/loing around 40 elo/MMR when i play a ranked game and i have only played around 20 games. i should be getting more around the 80-90 range of elo/MMR. it makes my game time unenjoyable and makes my progression really slow which leads to me wanting to play less. I am very unhappy and disappointed. This has also happened to other people that i know.[IMG]file:///C:/Users/mabra/OneDrive/Pictures/Saved%20Pictures/R6%20Elo%20glitch.jpg[/IMG]
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    Please upvote this issue herea: https://r6fix.ubi.com/live-server/LI...change_bugged/
    If you could tell you friends it would be nice
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    Bro the same thing happened to me. I had a five stack for ranked and it only happened to me. I gain 25 elo and lose 100. But Ubisoft wont fix this or even acknowledge the problem.
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