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    AC Valhalla is deleting my manual save files

    AC Valhalla continuously erases my manual save games. Every time I restart the game from the Xbox One X dashboard, I have lost at least a few hours of progress and multiple manual save files are nowhere to be found. The saves are not corrupted, rather they are simply no longer there as if I hadn't saved in the first place. All autosaves are also missing. This has cost me dozens of hours worth of progress on several occasions now.

    On top of this it is basically impossible to contact Ubisoft directly about this issue, as there is no reply from their socials nor any ability to live chat for some reason. I know that they're a soulless company and everything but making a game that deliberately erases your progress and then not being contactable for an explanation is genuinely a new low from a group so low I didn't think it possible.
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    Hi jaiaronsenis!

    Sorry to hear you are losing progression. This issue has been forwarded up to the development team for further review.

    Updates would be posted to the game's official forum.

    Regarding contacting us on Facebook or Twitter, we try to get back as soon as we can.

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