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    How and What to buy?

    Hello everyone,

    I have a problem in deciding what to buy. I want to buy the full edition of AC Syndicate (I liked Unity very much!). Although in steam (which I will be buying it through) I can selec both the season pass and single DLC's.

    On the page of the season pass it even says that some of the DLC's are included. So should I buy the season pass? And what shouldn't I buy then from the DLC's. And what id I buy the Gold (WW) variant of the game, what IS. or IS NOT uncluded?


    Thanks in Advance!

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    I tend to overthink things sometimes so I want to ask about these things to get a better understanding and see if I am here.

    How much should I worry about dust/hair etc. around my PC? I have my PC on the floor beside my desk, the floor is typically kept clean being swept about every fortnight.

    I plan to dust out my PC every 6 months with compressed air. Is this a good idea?

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