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    We have another Glitch in the game.

    Know this game has been out for years, but is still being played, Still see loads of new names up on the wall in the Safe House.

    But the actual workings of the game, seem to be broken. Lets me explain. When someone dies, they come back as what is known as an Infected Survivor, and other players in the game, can hunt them down, kill them and then take their loot. Normally you can find Infected Survivors everywhere, but right now there are only 8 or 9 Infected Survivors showing up in the game.

    But they are part of what can only be called a Glitch, as they keep re-appearing in the exact same location again and again, just waiting to be killed. And I am not the only player to have run into this event. Just have uploaded footage of the 8 glitched Infected Survivors that I found to YouTube. And have had another player comment that they have also found the same Infected Survivors, again and again.

    Don't know when you last did maintenance on the Server for this game, but I think you need to check it and see if its corrupted in some way.

    Anyway, thanks for reading this, and hopefully the game will soon return to normal, as I do actually hunt Infected Survivors when I'm playing the game.
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    The game has been stuck with these survivors for at least a couple of weeks now. Yeah it's old so I don't expect immediate fixes but still, it's time to move on.
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    Hey folks, apologies for the delayed response!

    I will forward this report to the team dedicated to our older titles, but I cannot guarantee a fix. I hope you guys continue to enjoy the game, and hopefully we'll get this resolved in the meantime.
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    Thank You for that post Ubi-Spud. The game has now been fixed and is back to normal, and people are happy.

    This game may be nearly 10 years old, but there are still new players starting the game. Which means I can go hunting them, once they die.

    Next month will hopefully take back both high scores in Standard and Survival mode, and upload it to YouTube.

    So thank the guys who fixed the game. Infected Survivor hunting is so much fun lol.
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