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    Track Central broken, 5 months

    Track Central cross platform functionality has been in a very sorry state ever since November.

    Basically, PC tracks will port to all other platforms perfectly fine, however Xbox One and PS4 tracks will only stay on the platform they are posted on.

    It's becoming increasingly pointless to build on console, with a vast majority of the player base being on PC at this point. I know a lot of people that have tracks ready to be released on console but they don't see the point with xplat being busted, it's really sad to see the replay-able section of the game being abandoned.

    I know that this issue has been forwarded to RedLynx already and it was said that it is very low on the priority list, but can it please be looked into? 5 months is way too long, and this isn't even the first time this issue has happened.
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    Wholeheartedly agree. We appreciate having been told that it's an issue that's being addressed but I feel as it is the only element of the game that is relevant/keeping the game alive for us, a little bit of communication on the process would be great, to give us some form of understanding on when the problem may be fixed and what the issue may be.
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    I spent 2 weeks working with Support staff on this issue. Sending in pics, i even narrowed down the issue to the day it happened (Nov. 11th i believe), and the last track that was properly ported. I again tried to reach out to Customer Support, and it went nowhere.
    When this issue happened before, it was fixed in relatively short order (a couple of weeks i believe). And that was early 2020. There's still a rather large player base that enjoys Fusion, and with no word on the issue, we're just hanging in the balance.
    A fix for the Bunker on Frontier recently was addressed, so hopefully someone can work on the issue for Fusion. We, as the Trials community, would be very grateful. Not to mention, were soooo close to 200000 tracks! Thats incredible!
    If the game is going to be left as is (broken so to speak), then making an announcement as such would be helpful. That way were not hanging in the wind, waiting. When it happened before, Ubi/RL made an announcement addressing the issue in the support forum. This time, nothing really. Here's to hoping it gets addressed soon <3
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    I second what the three illustrious riders above me have written.

    The consensus apparently being that Fusion is the finest Trials game for ninjas, it would be deplorable indeed that track sharing should remain broken. That, since great tracks keep being released here and there.

    Thanks for the conscientious ear.
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