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    Ubisoft + yearly subscription

    They really need to add a yearly subscription option for 100 or 120 euro at most. I'll instantly sub, it would be super convenient, instead of having to pay 15 euro every month and a great way to save money. Also I don't really care because I play on PC, but they have to get Ubisoft + on console. Honestly it's a great, you get so many awesome games and I really feel like a lot of console players are missing out.
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    agreed, although i can't really afford any yearly subs now it would be nice to have an option. especially since the ubisoft+ reward system resets if you fail to pay for the monthly sub (or the system messes up).
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    monthly sub

    how much for sub
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    Thank you for your feedback regarding Ubisoft +! We appreciate your suggestions.
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