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    [Maintenance Alert] [All Platforms] March 11th, 2021

    Hello everyone,

    We'll be performing maintenance today, March 11th, to deploy Title Update 2.26.0 — and start Year 5 Season 1: Asunder!

    Time: 9AM EST / 2PM UTC

    Estimated downtime: up to 1 hour 45 minutes

    Update Sizes:

    PC: 1.6GB

    Xbox: 1.6GB

    PS: 1.3GB
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    So ummm. Is ubisoft racist or is this a joke? Warden getting buffed before samurai or wu-lin charcaters?... Does ubisoft just hate chinese and japanese people or do they favor the knights and vikings over the other two factions? Have been wondering this for the past few years of playing this game.
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    Lol, Warden didn't get a buff by any means. Multiple damage nerfs and not being able to shoulder bash from dodging back, this character has now been rendered useless. I'm glad I spent so much time with him... In the 20 games I've played since the patch, I've seen 0 (yes zero) Wardens.
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    Well, I guess it's just that they are scared the game will die so they will listen to the ****ty side of the community that makes like 80% of the community itself-
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    Trust me, they will nerf everyone in the Wu-lin cause knight mains said they are op
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    Interesting to know!
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