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    PC Casual EU/UK Clan - looking for new member to Raid with

    We are a group of mature games & enjoy to play2-3 times a week
    After work & sorting out the kids - so no stress gaming.

    happy to help people level & run missions.

    Mainly online Wed / Friday & Sunday evenings.
    Looking to add member to run raids & other legendary content,

    Long time established gaming community across multiple games

    ping me here or on discord BigNiall#3239
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    Look for Maugan - Clan is open in game

    which i knew how to edit the post
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    Pinged you on discord pal
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    Late to the Division party I know but are you still playing the game?
    There are four of us, I assume of a similar age to yourselves who are wishing to take on the Washington Airport raid but lacking the numbers. As a rule we dont like talking to strangers (probably a sign of our age I guess) but looks like we will have to let our guards down if we wish to progress.
    We all have jobs, kids and the usual commitments so your hours would be a good fit.

    Let me know if you have room for a few more

    Many thanks

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    Want to Join raid

    This is Karan, want to join a raid group to farm eagle bearer, happy to join your group. My SHD level is 450.
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    bl2bl2's Avatar Junior Member
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    Aug 2019
    i'm interested if you don't mind a lvl30 (514) player
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    We are still looking for member most of us are 40
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    I'm 41, currently lvl 35 in NY, 100hrs total (still feels like a beginner )
    Based in Poland, playing 3-4 times per week in the evenings.
    Any chance to join your squad?
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    39 yrs. I just became Level 40. I need some partnership for good gaming. Playing on dalily basis.
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    Sent you both friends requests in Ubi
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