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    Casual Relaxed Player Looking for Clan

    Looking for a right clan to join for casual playing. Focus mainly in daily missions and raids. Kind of difficult to find an active clan to my timing. I am in Asia region, SG/MY time zone.
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    The Prime Evils is a casual SG clan but we don't really raid. Let me know if you are keen!
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    OK. I search for your clan and join later.
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    Task Force Reapers (PC Only) is Oceania / Asia Region Largest Division 2 Community with members from beginner to experienced players

    (We currently run 5 x Division 2 Clans on our discord due to the popularity of the game)

    Our clans are group focused for all PVE & PVP content

    TFR also does nightly raids and raid school training for new players to the game

    If your looking for a new clan or a returning player, please check out our Discord and apply in game

    Clan: TForceReaper E

    Discord : https://discord.gg/3pHtXQbqGF
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