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    Originally Posted by TankedManatee31 Go to original post
    Think your math is a little off there bud, I doubt each person worked 168 hours per week. Lets say 38 hours x $10.00ph x 52 weeks per year x 350 people x 5 years = $34,580,000. Although I doubt they are full time and getting paid for holidays.
    HUH yes- good point Tanked. I did not really count working hours just the amount of hours a year. The true number is lower, thanks for the input

    PS- i think we can both agree though, that is a lot of money none the less HAHA. That number makes more sense- i read somewhere it costs around 40M to make a new ip mmo
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    Still nothing?

    Now we are halfway into April and still not a word about it...
    Starting to lose my patience.
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    yeah i am starting to lose hope with UBIsoft
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