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    Originally Posted by TwistingWorm547 Go to original post
    Which update was it that added some Dedsec missions that come from Season Pass, I only received 2 out of the 3 additional. I got the AI one, and the fake Dedsec, I do not believe I ever received that Swipe Right story. Is that one still in development?
    It's Title Update 3.20
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    So now Pc have to wait longer to get online and update 3.20 because they need to fix the problems they have with consoles. We paid too for the game and no i don't want a broken online but this release of online is dumb you could have waited to release it on consoles untill you fixed Pc/ Not MAD only confused why they did it like this.
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    Same for me right at this moment, 03/16/2021
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    Alguem conseguil resolver o problema do bug das mascaras
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