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    GRAW2 Draw Distance

    Is there any way to increase the draw distance? There are times at which I'm being shot by enemies that are not drawn on my screen. Not only can they see me, but they can also damage and kill me. I also noticed that I can see enemies, from farther away, when they're in my peripheral.

    My computer is capable of drawing the entire map, but I don't know if the engine is capable of doing it. At the very least, it seems as if I should be able to increase the distance (that of the direction of my aim) to that of my peripheral vision. It can obviously draw them at that distance.
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    Hey MyMomJust,

    Without modifying the game files or installing mods, I'm unsure of any way to increase the draw distance in game.

    If you are going to modify your game, please be aware that we do not officially support mods so cannot guarantee they will work without issues.
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