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    Disgusting service surrounding subscription issues

    To anyone who is told to create a support ticket I wouldn't bother. I have been in contact with them on multiple occasions surrounding my subscription being stuck on suspended since December and all I have heard is "in order for us to be able to assist you further I would have to escalate this case so that it can be investigated further" and to wait for an email that never comes, then they state that to contact them again you have to open another case!

    It is a truly abysmal service and i would delete my account if it were not for the fact it wont let you unless you're subscription is listed as 'cancelled' !
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    Hey BlazingSlightly,

    I'm sorry you feel this way and have had a poor experience.

    If a case has been escalated, we would always encourage you to open a separate ticket to request an update, as updating the escalated ticket can knock it out of the escalation queue.

    If you have a ticket open already and it has been escalated, all I can advise is patience as we cannot speak for the workload of the billing team.
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    Yesterday 06 March 2021 I paid for a subscription. Received confirmation from the bank payment made to ubisoft, confirmed further by electronic receipt from ubisoft payment was received and subscription activated. An hour of playing suddenly booted from the game. Being told my subscription has expired 06 March 2021. Now being told my card is no good. Oddly, it was perfectly fine and works elsewhere except with Ubisoft that insists that my card is either expired/over balance. Your support page sends me in endless loops. Getting a ticket number of no help, and just as bad no one is getting help from your face book page.

    Meanwhile, the funds Ubisoft took from my account sit in limbo unusable. You payment system clearly has serious issues. My card is fine, my funds balance is fine (except that which is in Ubisoft limbo) According to your own electronic receipt I received by email my subscription is/should be fine!

    Please don't ask me to create another ticket number. Clearly support isn't high on your company's agenda
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    For me, I cant even open a damn ticket? What is the damn problem with your service? Cant cancel my subscription either because it is suspended. I just want to delete my payment information from your ****ty service and never use this platform again. ever.
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    finite_space: Hey there, I am extremely sorry for the difficulties with renewing your subscription. I see that our team has reached out to you both on your post on Facebook and your private message. Please know our team is working very hard as of late to contact everyone back as soon as they can while contact volumes have been higher than normal. Please don't hesitate to reach back to us here so we can take a closer look into this with you.

    likeabauws: Sorry for the issues you have encountered when creating a ticket, but I do see that you were able to reach out to our Store Support team via Live chat. Please don't hesitate to update your ticket with our team if you encounter any further problems with your Subscription purchase moving forward.
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