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    Paid 2 months for + though support still claims ive never had it...

    I bought ubi+ played some games then pc failure happened and had to reinstall windows to find i no longer had + and support basically told me "computer said no"

    I cut my losses as well ya know i dont think anyone thinks highley about some of these publishers anymore.

    Then when i got paid on 12th feb it appeared to have taken yet another payment out, so ive now spent 2 months and got like 5 hours .

    Support is sticking it out with me and continueing messaging me though when i only get 260 gbp per month 25 pound is alot esspecially when there is no product/service and the second month was not through choicee as i was told i have no account.

    Sort this out ubi there is no excuse, you are a global corperation taking off of the poor!
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    babydabes2020: Hey there, I am extremely sorry for the difficulties you have been encountering with your subscription purchase. Please note that if the Payment Failed to Process, you will receive a refund within 7-10 working days. While we are unable to discuss transactions and payments over on our forums, I would advise Updating your Case with our Store Support team so we can continue reviewing this further with you.
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