While I realize the game doesn’t need anymore knights at the moment, I’d still like to share my idea for a new knight hero. This knight would be a war hammer wielding hybrid (heavy-vanguard mix) called the Drake. For those of you that don’t know, drake is another term for dragon.

Key visuals:
>Fully armored (like the lawbringer or warmonger)
>Grandiose, fancy, ornate, etc. in appearance.
>Going off of the dragon theme, some armor visuals could have a dragon-like appearance, including scale mail armor (similar to https://i.pinimg.com/originals/69/6e...3d9df99208.jpg).
>Some armor visuals could maybe have animal pelts (similar to https://i.pinimg.com/736x/8b/3a/58/8...b11d4de8e0.jpg).
>Would be around the same height/size as the Lawbringer (if not slightly bigger).

Large two-handed war hammer, similar to Gendry’s from Game of Thrones (https://i.pinimg.com/736x/65/2a/81/6...7236cb0271.jpg).

>Designed for supporting allies and engaging the enemy head-on.
>Would excel in game modes like dominion or breach.
>“Faction leader” vibe
>Leads the charge
>Commanding presence
>Imposing presence
>Embodiment of honor, chivalry, etc.

Fighting style/moveset:
>Hard hitter (hits like a freight train)
>Can possibly have an attack similar to the Shugoki’s block-break attack (demon ball) where he hits/knocks you back several feet like a baseball.

Possible feat options:
The ones in bold are my top choices for each tier, but feel free to comment if you think another one would be better.
>Tier 1:
>Conqueror: capture control zones faster and picked up boosts last longer (passive)
>Speed revive: rapidly revive fallen teammates (passive)
>Fast recovery: stamina regenerates faster (passive)
>Stern stare: lower an enemy’s attack by 25%
>Rush: trigger to gain movement speed for a short duration
>Against all odds: nearby allies deal more damage the more enemies are around
>Tier 2:
>Rock steady: you cannot be stumbled or unbalanced by parries and throws (passive)
>Juggernaut: you’re slowed and gain high damage reduction, slippery and uninterruptible
>Fiat Lux: throw a flash grenade that blinds enemies for a few seconds
>Inspire: nearby allies deal more damage, and soldiers fight faster
>Thick skin: gain moderate damage reduction (passive)
>Winner’s advantage: gain a temporary buff after a successful attack (passive)
>Tier 3:
>Hard to kill: losing health increases your damage reduction (passive)
>Protected revive: your revive is protected and grants allies health (passive)
>Punch through: deal damage on blocked attacks (passive)
>Pugno mortis: throw an explosive projectile dealing damage over an area
>Tough as nails: raises max health when unlocked (passive)
>Second wind: recover some of your health
>Tier 4:
>Catapult: call a catapult strike over an area
>Champion’s aura: gain an aura which heals you and nearby allies
>Regenerate: regenerates your health when out of combat (passive)
>Phalanx: grant a shield to all alive teammates (yourself included)
>Morale booster: improve the attacks of nearby allies for a short duration
>Staggering blow: heavy attacks and throws cause enemies to fall

Custom feat idea:
Dragon’s might: the Drake and his allies gain a damage buff for each ally within a certain proximity of him (1 ally = 5% damage increase, 2 allies = 10% increase, 3 allies = 15% increase).
>This would probably be a tier 1 or tier 2 feat.
>The Drake would definitely not have this feat if he has the against all odds feat, and vice versa.

Possible perk options:
These are my top choices (with the one in bold being their default perk), but feel free to comment if you think another one would be better. Keep in mind that vanguards tend to have offensive and/or defensive perks, heavies and hybrids tend to have defensive and/or assist ones, and assassins tend to have offensive ones. However, there are some exceptions to this, such as the Tiandi, who has assist perks.
>Devourer: upon execution, heal an additional +10 health
>Aegis: all shield received are increased by 20%
>Bastion when in a zone or carrying a banner/offering, gain 10% damage resistance
>Vengeful barrier: when exiting revenge, gain a temporary +25 health shield
>Last stand: when in critical health, gain 40% damage resistance
>Bulk up: when gaining a renown level, increase maximum health by +4 (max 4 increases)
>Rising dawn: revive allies to 75% health

Execution ideas:
>The Drake swings his hammer and completely knocks the enemy's head off.
>The Drake swings his hammer and completely knocks the enemy’s head off.
>The Drake thrusts his hammer into the enemy's gut, forcing them to fall down. He then proceeds to stab them in the chest with the head of the hammer (yes I said stab).

Other info:
>Is gender-locked to male.

Some images to help paint a picture:




https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qim...2fc028dcf943-c (Dragon themed.)

https://img2.goodfon.com/original/10...me-of-4687.jpg (Dragon themed.)

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/0a/a7...3aed25a3e6.jpg (Dragon themed.)

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/de/60...20f47b6226.jpg (Dragon themed.)

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/8a/ae...37138c1dba.jpg (Dragon themed.)

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/fe/88...ac0bc2c954.jpg (Dragon themed.)