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    Pathfinder Class ability problem

    When chosing the pathfinder class, it retains the special ability of the former class. If I switch from assault to pathfinder, the pathfinder will have the gas grenade and not the uplink. I tried to switch from diffent classes ti the pathfinder, same problem just the old claas special ability.
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    I'm having the exact same issue, Thought it was just me, I was very confused when I went to use the class item, to not have the right one but still had the thermal mode. Its very strange.This last update does seem a little buggy. I keep having random graphical errors which will ultimately crash my game as well.

    For Devs, I'm on PC playing via Ubisoft launcher. I have verified the install
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    I just tried to switch to the pathfinder then exit the game ( to the desktop), enter it again to see if i get the correct speciel ability, but now stull got the ability from the last class.
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    So after logging off for a bit and then coming back on, I have the uplink item in my equipment slot, but stil have the class item from the other class, interesting
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    I just tried to take one of my other soldiers and he gets the uplink and all the pathfinder ability. why is there a difference???.
    The one with no pathfinder ability is a new soldier startet from scratch.
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    Ubi-Raziel's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hello everyone!

    Apologies for this unusual issue, we will get it resolved.

    To help us investigate, I would like to gather a bit more information

    - Does this seem to have started after the latest game update? Title Update 3.1.0 released 19th January
    - Is anyone able to provide a short video, presenting the issue?
    - Does this issue occur every time without fail, or does it sometimes change class fune?

    Thank you all!
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    Is new to the update, never encountered it beforehand. I can't do any kind of screen recording, but basically, when you swap from any class to the pathfinder class, the class item remains the same and does not change to the correct pathfinder item. But it does sometimes appear in the equipment slot. I've not played massively, but has been for the last few times I've been on
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    Thank you for getting back to us Mekvran and thank you for answering those questions. I have checked and can see that this issue was reported to us previously and is actively under investigation.

    At the moment this is the only information I have to share, any updates will be posted on the forums.

    Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience caused.
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