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    Update Notes - Version 3.0.0

    UPDATE - March 9th

    The latest version of the Mobile Animus is now available on Android and iOS!

    Download update 3.0.0 now to play our all-new Campaign mode and collect DNA Fragments for 6 new Heroes, including Basim and Valka!

    The update may take up to 24 hours to appear on your store.

    Excited to hear your feedback on our new update!


    Hey, Assassins!

    I am excited to announce that version 3.0.0 will be hitting the stores on Tuesday, March 9th! That's less than a week away (excitement intensifies)!

    Read on to learn more about our all-new Campaign mode, our 6 new Heroes (Basim, anyone? ), as well as the bug fixes and improvements coming in our latest update:

    New Campaign Mode!

    Journey to 872 CE Norway and help Eivor lead a counter attack against Kjotve the Cruel in our very first Campaign!

    Campaigns are located in the Root Memory Directory next to Spain (remember when I said we were making this menu scrollable to make room for future content? This would be why! )

    Complete Campaign Missions to collect DNA Fragments for 6 new Campaign-exclusive Heroes. This Campaign includes 20 Missions (for now ) with increasing difficulty levels.

    There are no Class requirements for Campaign Missions, so you can use any available Heroes in your roster!

    Once you complete a Mission, the Heroes you used will become Synchronized to that Mission. If you would like to free up those Heroes to use in future Campaign Missions, you will need to use a Desync Token to make those Heroes available again. However, you can only play a Mission if all previous Missions have been Synchronized, so you will need to complete that Mission again with a new Hero roster.

    Missions must be completed with all three Heroes alive. Once a Hero dies, you will instantly fail that Mission.

    By completing all 20 Campaign Missions, you will recruit all 6 new Heroes. However, you will not be able to rank all of them up to 5 stars until we add new challenges for you to play. (Soooooon™)

    We're thrilled to provide players with a brand-new way to engage with ACR and play with our ever-expanding roster of Heroes.

    Due to their extensive and well-equipped Hero roster, Endgame players (players who are BH level 50+) are likely to advance through the Campaign more quickly compared to newer players. This is one of the benefits of being a long-time player - over time, you have accumulated the resources that will allow you to earn new content faster.

    Don't forget - we will be adding additional Missions to the Campaign at a later date that will add further challenge and opportunity to collect more DNA Fragments.

    We look forward to hearing your feedback on our brand-new feature!

    Meet Our New Heroes!

    Read on to learn more about the 6 new Heroes joining the Rebellion, including their Hero bios, Class, and Skills:

    Bogi Three-Fingers, the Infamous Berserker!

    Bogi was born in 850 AD in Norway to a chieftain from the Raven-Clan, and was a natural born fighter. As a child Bogi loved hunting with his father and fighting with others, especially those older than him. A thrill-seeker and lover of games, Bogi lost two fingers on his left hand during a single round of stabberscotch, which to him only improved his strength. Bogi Three-Fingers was an experienced and loyal Raven-Clan raider. Other warriors considered him good luck to have around.

    Rarity: Common

    Class: Enforcer

    Role: DPS

    Weapon Type: Axe

    Armor Type: Light


    • Blood Rage
    • Brutal Strike
    • Fury
    • Sunder Armor

    Dalla Aegirsdottir, the Daughter of the Sea!

    Dalla was in born in 849 AD in a small fishing village in Norway where she became orphaned at an early age. Not old enough to remember her parents, Dalla instead claimed she was the daughter of the sea itself. Dalla took an interest in shipbuilding and become quite talented. She built her first boat at only 9 years old and used it to sail east where she eventually joined the Raven Clan as a shipbuilder for the main raiding vessels. Dalla was a free spirited Raven Clan warrior whose knowledge of engineering made her an invaluable ally.

    Rarity: Common

    Class: Specialist

    Role: Disarm

    Weapon Type: Hammer

    Armor Type: Medium


    • Disarm Adept
    • Lockpick Novice
    • Fierce Swing

    HQ Perk:

    • Craftsman

    Guthlaugr Stone-Eye, the Norwegian Mountaineer!

    Guthlaugr was born into the Raven Clan in 846 AD. As a child Guthlaugr loved exploring the snowy landscapes of Norway and developed a proficiency in navigating rough terrain. Guthlaugr disappeared into the mountains one day, only to return years later stating he had become one with the Stone-Eye. Guthlaugr was an excellent mountaineer, able to aid his brothers through raids and expeditions alike.

    Rarity: Common

    Class: Shadow

    Role: Navigation

    Weapon Type: Polearm

    Armor Type: Medium


    • First Aid
    • Freerunning Adept
    • Hindering Blow

    HQ Perk:

    • Forager

    Jora Blood-Shoulder, the Raven Clan Raider!

    Born into the Raven Clan in 852 AD, Jora was a natural warrior from the minute she could wield a weapon. She revered her parents and other raiders and longed for conquest. A few years later Jora participated in her first raid where she earned the name Blood-Shoulder for her many victories in battle. From then on the Raven Clan had her lead raids and train upcoming warriors. Jora was known for her amazing combat prowess and deep loyalty to the Raven Clan. Rival clans throughout Norway learned to fear the name Jora Blood-Shoulder.

    Rarity: Rare

    Class: Enforcer

    Role: Tank

    Weapon Type: One-handed sword

    Armor Type: Medium

    • Brawler
    • Hamstring
    • Improved Parry
    • Tenacity of the Covenant

    HQ Perk:

    • Careful Trainee

    Valka, the Raven Clan Shaman!

    After witnessing the untimely death of a loved one, a young Valka began to pursue shamanism and alchemy in hopes of being able to speak to them once again. As the mind of Valka's mother then began to wane, Valka came to rely on the Raven Clan for support. Valka was known as a healer of sorts, able to heal both body and mind with her concoctions. For a price she could create a mixture that would take the consumer's mind to the land of Asgard to potentially be enlightened. Valka was a close friend of Eivor's and an invaluable ally to the Raven Clan.

    Rarity: Rare

    Class: Specialist

    Role: Heal

    Weapon Type: Short Blade

    Armor Type: Light


    • Field Medic
    • Lethargic Poison
    • Stealth Novice
    • Vitality of the Covenant

    HQ Perk:

    • Alchemist

    Basim Ibn Ishaq, the Hidden Raven!

    Basim joined the Hidden Ones at a young age and trained to be a Master Assassin. Basim devoted much of his life to the Hidden Ones and was the mentor to many Assassins including Hytham, and to some extent Eivor. Basim met Sigurd on one of his many voyages through Europe, eventually allying with the Raven Clan in hopes of discovering and removing Order loyalists. Basim was described by allies as a person of danger and intrigue. He was a tactical genius often several moves ahead, or perhaps playing a different game entirely. His ultimate goal was unknown even to those close to him.

    Rarity: Legendary

    Class: Shadow

    Role: Assassination

    Weapon Type: Hidden Blades

    Armor Type: Light

    • Assassination Master
    • Execute
    • Freerunning Expert
    • Smoke Bomb

    NEW Skills:

    Tactical Strike

    Perform a deft strike on the target increasing the user's subtlety in combat.

    • Active skill used in combat
    • Deals damage and increases the user's attack and dodge each time it is used
    • Stacks 3 times
    • Recharges after 3 ticks

    Well Travelled

    A passive skill that increases Basim's agility and attack.

    HQ Perk:

    • Shadow Mentor

    NEW Legendary Weapon - Basim's Blades!

    Bug Fixes and Improvements

    A couple improvements to note:

    We have removed Supplier from the Daily Objectives for players who are Brotherhood levels 40-50. This is to help reduce the amount of excess Wood and Stone that players accumulate once they have fully maxed out their HQ.

    We have added new Achievements! Check out the Achievements tab to view your new additions.

    The following live issues have been fixed in this update:

    • Fixed an issue where using Gershon's Toxic Brew skill sometimes caused the game to crash.
    • Fixed an issue where the Concealed Dirk had a Sword animation instead of a Short Blade animation.
    • Fixed an issue where the Spain icon in the Root Memory Directory occasionally took the player back to HQ.
    • Fixed an issue where the "Knights Hospitallers" and "Knights Templar" had incorrect names in Mission 3 of THE EAGLE'S SHADOW.
    • Fixed an issue where crashes occurred in Mission 1 of FOR DEMOCRACY on some Android devices. (Can't wait to play this event again!!!)
    • Fixed an issue where Edward Kenway's wall climb ability was sometimes not available in Missions.
    • Fixed an issue where stones appeared instead of beams in Legacy Mission 9.
    • Fixed an issue where some players experienced a soft lock when prompted to "Tap an empty room" to build the Living Quarters in the tutorial. (We've made several attempts to fix this bug in previous updates, hopefully this last fix does the trick!)
    • Fixed an issue where Maria Thorpe's Sound the Attack Skill did not increase Weapon attack speed. Also, there will now be a visual indicator when this Skill is applied.
    • Fixed an issue where tapping "Find DNA" for certain Heroes caused the game to freeze.
    • Traps in Missions are now working as intended and will now cause bleed damage to Heroes after failure.
    • Fixed an issue where cubes icons were missing from the Star Rewards panel in the Spain menu.

    And that's all for update 3.0.0! What are your thoughts on our new Campaign and Heroes? Let us knowwww!

    Also, I know what you are going to ask, and YES we are currently working on new Gear Items for existing Heroes! We will be releasing these in a future update.


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    The Hope of Assassination Skill for Evie Frye
    Hi Dear Ubi-Bunny
    Update 3.0.0 makes a complete masterpiece

    In the new Campaign Mode, it is a very good innovation to have a new system where we will use all the heroes we have in the game in such missions.
    I am also very happy that Evie Frye is used in one of these missions in the New Campaign Mode

    Such a great and big update is completely flawless and contains great innovations, This is an absolutely gorgeous and totally pleasing update
    I would love to get the 3.0.0 major update as soon as possible.

    All the details are great

    Dear Ubi-Bunny, Dear Ubi-Bumble and Dear ACR Team, I thank you endlessly for the Awesome Update that includes these great and amazing innovations.

    With this Awesome Update, AC Rebellion will have even more fun and great innovations.
    Update 3.0.0 has a lot of work and a great big job

    Along with so many great updates, many bug fixes will definitely be perfect for us gamers

    You are awesome
    Thank you
    Best Regards
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    Huh, so its a major version but no changes to the HQ, no new rooms, no fix for library only having one spot (Jariya's perk makes no sense), no way of selling stones and wood, no armor for Rodrigo or Ishak, no new Levels past 50, no improvement to auto play...Why not call it 2.13?
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    Hmm. So almost all will have full gear, when we can get them to 5*, except Guthlaugr who joins the t5 myrmidon squad.
    I wonder if the desync tokens will be produced in a new room or just awarded through daily objectives or regeneration like rift tokens or....

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    Is this the update where you'll be adding all the missing 5* weapons for all the heroes?
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    20 missions and more if future? Nice but with Soooooon™I expect that future will be around 6 months and hopefully in untill that we will get Syndicate event with Jacob

    But yes this looks great as something where could players get new heroes without having them in events and rotation time of 3 months (next campaign for Origins because 5 heroes in 1 event take some time to rotate them all).

    3 heroes for 1 mission and you need complete "3*" all previous to unlock next - sound nice. That will also motivate low BH LVL players to have more than 3 heroes that will carry on because this new unlocking mechanic.

    But sadly - you will not be able to rank all of them up to 5 stars until we add new challenges for you to play. For me is quite important - all of them - so I expect we will be able 5* Bogi, Jora, Dalla and Guthlaugr but we will wait for new missions to 5* rare Jora, Valka and legendary Basim.

    And now the most interesting part new heroes. I tried at reddit to guess their class, gear and at some rarity.

    Bogi Three-Fingers - Common DPS with light armor and axe so I expect he will fast kill enemy but he will not take a lot of hits before his death.
    Skills -
    Blood Rage . dmg and bleed
    Brutal Strike - 200% dmg and chance for stun
    Fury - loose HP to gain DMG (not event )
    Sunder Armor - so Andrea can say - I dont have unique skill anymore - dmg and enemy debuff
    I must say his skill look really interesting - stun, debuff and bleed. but he will be limited by his rarity - common (but we know even common Andrea can be really strong)

    Dalla Aegirsdottir - Common specialist with hammer and medium armor - this is a female version of Hamid?
    Disarm Adept, Lockpick Novice
    Fierce Swing - AOE attack with increased crit chance
    So in comparation to Hamid she has lower mastery class at lockpick and disarm but same weapon speed and AOE skill instead 200% dmg skill.and she will craft faster in Worshop and not in Armory, so yes she is female version of Hamid

    Guthlaugr Stone-Eye - Common freerunner with polearm and medium armor. Wait - medium armor? Where? Yes he has big belt, one shoulder and wrist protection but I will not call it armor. But OK, it is how devs ballanced him + he can use same armor as Constanza or Yusuf.
    First Aid -self heal
    Freerunning Adept
    Hindering Blow - dmg and slowing enemy
    Forager - faster in suply room
    If he fail some freerunning he looks like he could take down enemy and than heal before another freerunning so not bad but not all commons can be powerfull like Gaspar

    Jora Blood-Shoulder - Rare tank with sword and medium armor. I wanted to say - we dont need new rare tank when we have Bea but than I saw her skills.
    Brawler - permanently more HP and dmg + chance for short buff
    Improved Parry - powerfull skill of Bea - dmg buff, 2 enemy hits with lower dmg - great skill.
    Tenacity of the Covenant - buff of defence.
    Hamstring - dmg and slowing enemy.
    Careful Trainee - cheaper training is good when player want to save some credits
    Great parry skill, slowing enemy and better defence? I love Bea because how she can deal with enemies without loosing a lot of HP but I expect Jora will be better in surviving hits when she is tank but Bea will be better because her AOE so Jora and Bea could became unstoppable rare duo.

    Valka - Rare healer with dagger and light armor. I am quite suprised she is only rare hero. I expected her to be epic. But she looks like she could replace Gaspar at spot of the best healer because she had same healing skills, alchemist but better poison skill because she will trade 210% dmg for slowing enemy by 75%.
    Field Medic - best healing - heal 20% instant and 20% in 5 ticks
    Vitality of the Covenant - 50% HP heal
    Stealth Novice
    Lethargic Poison - dmg and slowing enemy
    Well she look like a child of Luisa and Gaspar with some skill from them - stealth and poison from Luisa and healing + alchemist from Gaspar

    And main star - Basim Ibn Ishaq - legendary assassin with light armor and hidden blade. What other we could expect at mentor of Hidden ones?
    Assassination Master, Freerunning Expert
    Execute - Hello there Torquemada, where are your HP?
    Smoke Bomb - run from bad situation and heal.
    Shadow Mentor - faster promotion for shadow heroes.(yes 2nd mentor for shadow heroes.

    New skills
    Well Travelled - Better agility and dmg - when you cant decide if you want go over guard of fight him
    Tactical Strike - in 6 ticks of fight 3 times buff dmg and dodge - sounds great.
    7th legendary assassin but again uniqe. He probably will not take a lot of hits but with increased dodge in ET could do some fight (sady no dodge heal)

    I am looking forward to play new missions and get new heroes. + I noticed reworked HUD for event tokens, intel, coins, helix and some what looks like a new currency for Campaign and that Valhalla campaing is in section called Campaigns so I am looking forward for another campaign in future . And talking about future and campaign - new missions of Valhalla campaing will be in future and I hope it will cover rarity gap between Jora + Valka as rare and Basim as legendary with more heroes that will be epic and maybe even legendary (so maybe: epic - Randvi and Hytham and legendary - Sigurd? )

    Edit - And what is this - players who are BH level 50+? In 3.0.0 will be increased max brotherhood LVL?

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    It looks interesting, but I'm still waiting for the addition of alternative ways to synchronize game progress for Android owners. Because Facebook is a very bad option. And personally, I have to play without being tied to cloud services, risking losing all progress at any time.

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    I like that this new campaign will arrive very soon and that will be added new parte of it in the future,probably with new characters as Randvi,Hytham,Sigurd,etc.
    I'm disappointed by the fact that we can't get the DNA of both the Eivors in this Valhalla event.
    Moreover March is without the Valhalla's event and it seems that we can't unlock Male Eivor without 2000 helix credits in the future.
    About this,I'd like if Ubisoft mobile could just let us choose if we want to see male Eivor or female Eivor in the cutscenes,so we can continue to play Valhalla in our way.

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    Thanx for the new additions seems interesting was really hoping when reading bug fixes we finally get rid of exclamation mark on heroes not having gear 5 or when there is un equipped something thatnthey cant equip or the same level of they equipped already it bugs me a lot
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    I... I don't quite know what to think about the Desynch tokens thing. I'm still not 100% sure how they work or how exactly we earn them.

    I appreciate the new content, but there's lots of unanswered questions here.

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