I am enjoying... I was enjoying the hell out of this game. The visuals - the wasteland is the most beautiful post-apo scenery Iīve ever seen. The colours and effects of nature are beyond amazing. Many Ubisoft games got me on visuals of the scenery- Assassinīs Creeds (Every single one), Wildlands, Divisions (Never played them) and now Far Cry New Dawn the most beautiful - the fogs, aurora, glowing nature, sun light beams... EVERYTHING. (Skyrim should look like this now!)

What I always love about games in genereal is a challange and "realism". So in the beggining before buying the game I was very turned off by Health bars and Damage table of weapons, Thatīs why I am not into Division even though itīs world and setting looks amazing, and sometimes it is anoying in new A.Creed games as well, yet still not gamebreaking.
HOWEVER in New Dawn it was kinda ok in the beginning. I turned off most of my hud playing on harder difficulty, so I can immerse myself into the world. Sometimes enemies required more hits, but it was ok, nice challenge. I could sneak upon enemies, stealth kill them with bow or throwing knife, everything was ok. But more I progressed in story, the harder it was even though I became more stronger and stronger, yet I felt weaker and weaker. My TEAR 3 weapons became useless, Stealth kills are impossible in Camps. Throwing knives... I can throw away = zero damage now. Itīs not fun... And if I am required to unlock all Legendary weapons to be able to play the game... well T192.168.0.1 routerlogin 192.168.l.lHANKS! - I donīt wanna waste 10hours grinding to enjoy the game.
I hate grinding for no other reason just because I canīt progress. I liked how it was in AC Oddessey - You didnīt have to grind - you were finding gear while playing. But in New Dawn I am stucked in boss fight with the twins. I had to turn on Damage and Health bars to see, what I can do to them.... ****IGN NOTHING. Legentdary Buzzsaw deals 1200 damage. Pipe bomb deals 1000 dmg and tear one Rocket Launcher (Iīve found one) deals 90 damage (90!!!!) and one chick has like 50 000 health? +/- Maybe more. I tried use my "Rage" mode fists... 575 dmg, one fist, while Lou is sniping me and Mickey is puncing me back = I AM DEAD. This doesnīt work either.

Itīs not challenging , it is unplayable and annoying. Very dissapoiting

.Story is complete ****, letīs be honest. The whole game feels like someone make beatifull scenery of wasteland and whole game was build around it in half year max. I can still hope I am not in last boss fight. I hope one twin dies and other goes ape****, that would be nice to story and some character development.

Seriously, you should make some patch to be able to turn off the Health bar system, beacause Iīd love to use other weapons (colt 1911) anytime. Let us upgrade weapons while Tearing up (And NO upgrading 5% of damage is not efficient). The game is extremly restricting and frustrating because of that.. SHAME.

And I donīt want to drown money in Far Cry 5 because it has no stupid health bar system so I can enjoy the gameplay.
It all seems like you just (2-3 years ago) figured out that in games there can be health bar system like in the 90s which is 20+ years ago!!!! And No one was asking for it. Everybody loved Assassins Creed system, WIldlands is superior - Make Division like Wildlands. Far Cry 2 and 3 The best Far Crys Immersive, playable, ENJOYABLE.