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    Terrible stuttering/fps drops in AC: Brotherhood

    I'm having an annoying problem while trying to play AC: Brotherhood on PC: the game keeps stuttering, and every time it does I see my fps counter drop a few frames. With no frame-rate cap, I can get around 120fps, with the fps dropping to something like 109 when it stutters. I've tried limiting the fps to 60, but then the stutter still happens and the fps drops down to 57 or even as low as 48fps.

    I don't have v-sync enabled (using a g-sync monitor). I've tried launching the game through uplay instead of Steam. I've tried changing the cpu affinity in the task manager, which worked ONCE. When I went back to playing the next day, it was stuttering again. I kept trying to change the cpu affinity like I did the first time, but it doesn't help anymore.

    Does anyone have a fix for this? I can play the Ezio collection on my Xbox, but I'd really rather play it on my PC at 4K 60fps.
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    The CPU affinity fix is only temporary, until you close the game, you need to redo it every time you launch the game. Also you shouldn't play with framerates higher than 60 fps due to outdated technologies/game engine used to create this game(gsync wasn't out back then if I remember correctly), it will make some later missions unplayable - so the only solution is: turn vsync in the video card drivers only for this game, in the game select resolution mode limiting to 60 fps. After that I could finish the game and in mission 'Flying machines 2.0' or whatever it was called I gained the ability to control character again. I, personally never used affinity trick to make my game behave correctly, but in your case, I guess, that you will need to perform it every time you start the game.
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    Also I forgot, activate vsync in game as well.
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