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    Far cry 4 not showing impaler and other exclusive content from gold collection

    Hello i buyed far cry 4 gold edition key a week ago and just realized that i dont even have access to my impaler that i should get in exclusive weapons tab in shop is there any reason why? and if there is any reason is there any fix?
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    you do not get the harpoon gun till you complete all 3 hurk missions

    Speak No Evil - accessible after completing Sermont on the Mount ( Loginus Mission).
    Call of the Wild - accessible after completing Speak No Evil.
    A Familiar Feeling - accessible after completing Call of the Wild and Key to the North.
    Harpoon Gun - Available in the shop after completing A Familiar Feeling.

    see https://support.ubisoft.com/en-gb/Ar...s-in-Far-Cry-4

    also you must buy any season pass or added content from the same store your game was purchased from or it will not work

    see this support page
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    Hey Pavelake153,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Has the information provided by WID992007 answered your query?
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