Name of -Discord- Clan: The Wolves Brigade
Name Of IGN Clan: TorchJazz
Tag: [TOR]
Platform: PC
Region: UK / EU
Language: English
Focus: Heroics | Legendaries | Open-World & Dark Zone Farming | Raids
Mic: Headset + Mic is required!
Age: 17+

Hi everyone! We are TWB - The Wolves Brigade (The main Discord channel for all games). We're currently looking for active players for our best friend in-game clan at "TOR-TorchJazz". Our community services EU and UK Players.
The Wolves Brigade and TorchJazz is a PC focused clan that supports multiple games, such as: Warframe, Diablo, Division 2 and Outriders. We are always out searching for amazing and interesting players to join and have a blast! Regardless of skill level we're just looking for people who enjoy a good time. We're also looking for like minded mature players to accompany us when we play games together! Because of our diversity of being multicultural we like to have people who have a good sense of humour. So, don't take it to heart and remember, HAVE FUN!

If you are already in a clan, you can still join the clan as a "Guest". We still welcome other members. So join the fun!

Also, please note that we provide [inactive-board] for those who would like to take a rest from gaming. Since this clan is active, we also like players to take it easy and chill! No stress either!

If you are interested, please get in-touch!

- You need to be 17+
- Speaks English
- Good will and a sense of humour (We joke at each other for fun, a lot!)
- Friendly and active players.
- We are an active clan. Discord and a mic is a must!