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    PC and XBOX "Crossplay" MilSim. PS4 and PS5 community incoming.

    Join the Royal Australian Regiments today!
    Test your skill, Wits and determination.
    Start as recruit and be taught everything you need to know to join in on operations and storylines.
    Get the most out of your milsim experience.

    We are a community of PC and XBOX players. We share intel and fight for a common approach.
    We are also integrated in a "narrative-mission" server, which provides us with additional storylines
    above our own. We are also working on expanding on PLAY STATION to gather more "co-op" possibilities.

    Each plattform works in a dedicated battalion. Together they make up the Royal Australian Regiment.

    Team up and help develop a great community.
    Till now you can expect a neat ranksystem and own written operations.
    A smart worked out settings guide shall assure the most immersive feeling possible ingame.
    Above that we satisfy the Role Play faction with a bunch of players actively roleplaying ingame.

    English speaking.
    Act mature, know when to be serious (Its a MilSim).
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