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    Error: Granite-2000000

    Hello there ! I purchased the game, a long time ago, and even played it through , but i've never been able to access the expeditions gamemode properly , and at first , it didn't bother me, because the first time I played , it was not long after the launch of the game, so I thought , that I'll leave it at that, and this problem will probably solve itself. So recently I wanted to replay the game, and see, if the problem was fixed, but sadly it isn't. At first, it only came after I finished the very first expedition, on the lowest difficulty level(because I couldn't progress further) , and when the rescue chopper came, I boarded it ,and as it was leaving , I got a crash message , which I'll attach to the documents(this was 2 years ago, when the game launched) , and nowadays I can't even enter the first expedition map, due to the same error sadly. I hope we can do something about it, because I'd like to enjoy the whole game.
    Thank you in advance!
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    Hey ambrusdb!

    Thanks for getting in touch. I am sorry that you are unable to progress through expeditions. Is this happening on a fresh save or are you using a previous one?
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