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    A couple of questions about R6 Siege.

    Alright so I haven't played a rainbow six game for probably seven years give or take. If I recall correctly the last one that I played was I think Vegas but I'm not sure. I honestly don't remember. Anyway I've been considering getting into Siege the I have a number of questions that I need to have clarified. I will provide thanks in advance for anyone who is able to help.

    Number one. What is the learning curve for this game? Is it relatively easy or is the learning curve rather steep?

    Number two. How easy is it for new players to actually become part of the game? As We Know by this point in time Rainbow Six Siege has been around for I think 2 years 3 years give or take? And I just want to know if it's still super popular or I might as well not even bother because it takes so long to get into a game.

    Number three. Are there any operators that I should avoid wholesale? Somebody told me that an operator called I think fuse is an operator that they say you should avoid using. I've also heard people say that using a operator called Chimera I think it is isn't exactly a well-liked operator. routerlogin 192.168.l.l

    Number 4. What is the microtransaction situation like?

    Number 5. Is there any kind of single player component to the game or is it purely multiplayer?

    Number 6. How bad is the seal clubbing?

    Again thank you for your time and hopefully things go well and I'll be able to get the game.
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    1) Very steep due excess of smurfs and lack of good tutorials (newcomer mode is where smurfs go to stomp people and level up fast to access ranked)

    2) game is actually 6 years old now, the population is still very high and the new season should be coming in few weeks so there should be a sale or free to play period then

    3) the Fuze stuff is mostly due him being a bad character to use in certain circunstances (such as hostage game mode that is not popular at all), there are chracters that are a bit complex to learn so just sticking to the SAS ones should be enough since they are very direct on how to use

    4) cosmedic and battle pass heavy, they want you to pay for everything pretty much if you are a new player, characters can be unlocked just by playing with older ones being cheaper, but they really try to push the limited time offers and time gating to force people to waste money

    5) online only with a single barebones PVE mode that lost some features to focus even more on PVP

    6) One of the worst i have ever seen
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    I mostly agree with xcel here but Id like to add some stuff:
    3. There are a bunch of ops which could be considered weak (shields, snipers, stealth based ones etc.) but if you really want to and learn to play them you can make all of them work.
    4. Gotta disagree here yes there are a ton of ways ubi montetizes the game but its all cosmetic as allready said and you can unlock a lot of nice skins just by playing. Unless you really are a collector or get addicted to loot box gambling easily all you pay is the price for the game itself.
    7. Id recommend that despite the maybe negative look the responses might give the game in your eyes to watch some gameplay and if you like it give it a try preferrably with some friends. Its only 10 bucks on sale so not really expensive.
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    I quit the game late last year for several reasons: 1) The online play is overrun with cheaters, trolls and hackers. 2) The single-play elements of the game have been taken away to the point of non-existence. 3) The Siege development team won't DO anything to fix 1 and 2.

    Try any free weekend they provide if you must. But my prediction is you'll be alarmed and dismayed at how toxic the game is when you play online, and walk away from it because there's no other way to play it. But in it's current state, you'd be well advised to not pay one dime for this game.
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    Don't buy it... as said above, try first, convince yourself that it's not worth it, and spend the money anywhere else...

    You'll encounter loads of issues and fall on deaf ears on the forums... so unless you are a competitive player or trying for pro-league, this game is not fun anymore

    ***This is my personal opinion and i stand by it***
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