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    The waypoints disapears after i put my setttings on default, can't get them back on !

    Hello team,

    I used to play in immersive custom mode and i tried the default mode (no hud, minimal interface). After that i completly lost the waypoints (and loot infos) in the tacmap and on the minimap even when i try to put the interface in FULL but no joy. And to reset the parameters -> same thing.

    Ho, and NO, i do no more have the option Guided or Exploration mode in the "Ghost experience parameters" tab.

    And YES, with a NEW character, i get my waypoints back

    Can someone help me please ? Is there a way to save my character from deletion (and the game) ?

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    ubi-smash's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey there, Burzuum28! Thanks for reaching out to us here! To confirm, the Reset Parameters Immersive button is currently missing at the bottom setting when converting your character back? Could you provide me with a screenshot of the game settings that are currently available for you?
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