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    Cosmetic bugs

    Hi there

    The bugs i have noticed for the cosmetics are as follows

    The kevlar (hard padded) gloves clip with every single long sleeve top

    Sunglasses clip with the tactical bandana

    The tactical balaclava clips with the helmet straps when goggles are equipped (all goggles) but doesn't clip if sunglasses or no eyewear is selected

    The mohawk clips with goggles attached, the goggles strap should cover the last bit of the mohawk at the back whereas currently the mohawk clips through the goggle strap

    I hope these can be fixed as having clipping issues really ruins the appearance of the character and restricts custom choices

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    Hello DASH231095, thanks for getting in touch.

    As for every bug report, would you be able to post a clip or screenshot of how this appears in the game so we can see if it has already been reported and if not report it to QA?

    If you can upload a clip to a video hosting website such as Imgur or Youtube then send us a link to view it please? That would be most helpful, thanks very much.
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