Hello, me and my friend are having an issue with Anno 1503 History Edition not loading into the multiplayer session, (non-local, through the internet) but only for one of us - we tried both ways - only the one that is not the leader of the session doesn't load in.
So the leader gets loaded into the game, the other gets a black screen with a wall of leaves (?) on the sides, which is weird, and when I am clicking in the middle of the black screen I can hear the sounds that I should be hearing when I click on a button in the main menu.
This bug happens both ways and we are unable to play together. after a few minutes the player that cannot connect just gets thrown back to the main menu, and the same thing happens if we try again.

can I get any tips or any kind of help of what this could possibly be? I haven't found threads of anyone having this issue on the internet.