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    Could not load game. (Internal error (0-1263))

    I recently uninstalled Champions of Anteria then reinstalled it to a different hard drive. Upon selecting continue the game or upon selecting to load any save game I receive the error:

    Could not load game. (Internal error (0-1263))

    I tried moving the game back to the original hard drive it had been installed on, and the same error occurred. I also tried starting a new game and saving it and that save loaded fine.

    I would like to load my save instead of starting a new game as I had made quite a bit of progress.

    Is there any way to fix this issue?

    Thank you.
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    Hey rek80, thanks for getting in touch!

    It sounds like there was some sort of corruption that occurred during the transfer of your files. I would suggest verifying your game files, and if the issue persists you would need to persevere with a new save.
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