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    The importance of map editor driven game modes

    Long time no post.
    I Played FC 1, 2, 3 and some of 4.
    I made maps and played under the username "godbad" with a few buddies , "nos vs" being one of them. Im sure theres a few out there that remember us. Map making was good for the game...anyone remember Skyrace? Hehe

    Anyways, FC2 ... the map editor, publically joinable game modes and few restrictions allowed a whole slew of NEW game types that we havnt ever really seen. Different race maps, obsticale maps, escape rooms or just themed team deathmatch maps (helms deep anyone?).
    This was legit revolutionary... even today we dont see the things we had back then on FC2.
    Where can we play a "Real Course" map? The OG's know what im talkn bout.

    This will never be call of duty.. no need to try to shoehorn this into that category...

    This game has the chance to develop and grow a new niche.. a niche that it showed glimpses of doing before. The rise in popularity of different game types like fortnight or sandbox pubg is proof that ppl want something different nowadays.

    Give us a no restriction map editor
    Give us preset modes in the editor to allow for a more structured escape room game or racing game or a gauntlet run type game.
    Give us AI NPC/animals
    Give us the ability to host the match publically so randoms can join

    As a developer, you'll get A+ content for free... with the tech today the gamers will create a ton of amazing things.

    See u guys soon

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    I don't remember you, but I remember real course maps. In fact, the person who made those maps is in my friends list to this day. Are you referring FC 1 as Far Cry Instincts, Evolution and Predator on the original Xbox and Xbox 360, or are you referring to Far Cry 1 on PC?

    Far Cry 5 has NPCs and animals. We can host matches in Far Cry 5 and people can join in through the lobby browser. People still play Far Cry 5 for its multiplayer and solo/co-op levels. In fact, people even recreated Battle Royale type games in Far Cry 5. We can even transfer our maps from one platform to another. So whether if you play Far Cry 5 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and/or PC, maps can be imported. PC players can add zombies in multiplayer maps and transfer it to consoles.
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    Ya i remember those maps. Helms deep showed up in alot of lobbies...great times!

    FC5's editor is the best they've ever made, so if you havent tried it...you really should. The MP is amongst the worse ive played tho.

    Lets just hope for the best...like most of us have for many years lol
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    I'd be far more willing to commit to utilizing the map editor if the actual multi-player game you play in the maps wasn't absolute garbage.
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    Originally Posted by HorTyS Go to original post
    I'd be far more willing to commit to utilizing the map editor if the actual multi-player game you play in the maps wasn't absolute garbage.
    Same really. It's a shame too because we've more or less been united in what we want from the mp since fc2 and Ubisoft seems to be deliberately doing the opposite.
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    Don't shoot'em down to hard. Try to be respectful about it.

    . I want the map editor for PS VR. How cool would that be? huh? Yeh, PS VR.
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    There have been plenty of maps of the same standard as Unisoft in the far Cry arcade. Ubi maybe do t want to admit it or I dunno, but the removal of the editor is on their hands.
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