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    Says I am subscribed, but telling me to Re-Subscribe?

    There is a big bug in the Uplay store, I just subscribed to Uplay Plus and it is telling me to re-subscribe ? They took my money out and I have to re-subscribe again? hmmm
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    this is exactly what has happened to me. i cant believe i have been robbed by a multi million company like this. i was saving up for this as money is tight right now and this has happened.
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    Same thing for me. The money is reserved on my bank account but the Ubisoft Connect app says my payment failed and my Ubisoft+ subscription is suspended.
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    Seems to be an issue that is currently under investigation!
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    same thing here did anyone manage to get anywhere with customer support?
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    No response on my ticket. I guess a large company like UBI can only afford to have a few interns working the weekend.
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    Same issue in 2021. I'm thinking Ubisoft connect is a big scam, or has serious problems.
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    Ubi-Swaggins's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey benolson,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are encountering these issues.

    Have you opened a support ticket on our website?
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    same thing happened to me last night

    support just said to pay again and use paypal instead

    like wtf, pay AGAIN? once wasnt enough?

    if this company cant handle a simple cc transaction from a repeat customer then i dont know what to say

    still unresolved, money still missing and support still useless
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