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    WTF?! Random Ornaments are back?!

    Ok, just returned to Anno 1800 after a ~4 month hiatus... just to see that all my carefully placed promenades are all ****** up. I'm no longer able to copy a specific promenade (let's say the one with benches) and place it somewhere else - instead the game gives me a random piece 'that fits'. I know we are now able do draw such ornaments but pls give us back the possibility to copy-paste prebuild ornaments with the precision we had before. I know i can adjust every element by hand but thats one more step of work than it was before...and it was way too tedious before. That's the first update where i must say that's a hard NO-GO. Reminds me of the non existent "beauty build" functions of 2205. <3
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    You can click on it and change it back ( a small option appears, you can also rotate it with you're rotate button (depends onsettings).)
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