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    Roller Champions Suggestion Idea

    Hi everyone and excuse me for the english in advance.

    This game is really wonderful but Ubisoft need to re built the skill points giving after a ranked match.

    I mean,this is an absolute team game and as it my teammates should pass the ball whenever they are in trouble or to complete a rink lap faster but every time i start a soloqueue match i find player who thinks to be Neymar, Messi or Micheal Jordan or Kobe Bryant and after 10 meters they lost the ball cause of they didn't pass to me or the other unmarked player.

    It's really frustating don't receive the pass when you are unmarked and it can make rage the people.

    So you should give more skill ranked point on collaborative players that pass the ball and a malus point to who can't pass or make a solo lap.

    Something like:

    1 pass = 4 skill ranked points or something like that

    and less than 5 passage a game = - 30 skill ranked points indifferently if the game is win or lost

    and obviusly a maximum cap of skill ranked points for the pass like 40/48 a game

    This "rule" could be removed if the team is full premade (3 players/friends in the same lobby) cause there could be some team tactics
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    I agree that collaborative players should receive more skill-ranked points while passing the ball. Hope your suggestion will find a response.
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