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    PC freezes on ubisoft connect launcher.

    hello and a nice day to whomever is reading this.

    Yesterday i learned about ubisoft + and rather quick decided to make use of this function so i subscribed yesterday to ubisoft+
    now ever since i registered for ubisoft + i tried to download and install ubisoft connect,

    the problem i am having is that the ubisoft launcher makes my PC freeze about 2 seconds after i try to launch the ubisoft connect launcher...
    then the pc stays frozen until i do a hard reset or reboot.

    I have over the past 2 days exhausted myself with, youtube and every forum i could find to try to solve the freeze problem,
    i even tried a clean windows 10 installation TWICE but to no avail...

    after doing the second clean install i upgraded all my drivers on geforce experience, installed all the windows updates,
    installed the ubisoft connect as administrator, and tried to start the launcher up as administrator all with the exact same result,
    I click on it and 3 seconds later my whole computer freezes up until i do a hard reboot or reset...

    now i would like to enjoy the content i payed for yesterday so i hope there is a fix out there that you guys know of
    or something that could help me launch this launcher.

    in the past i have used uplay without anny issues and played assasins creed odyssey with it.
    but the ubisoft connnect just makes my pc freeze
    i have deleted all temp files, made sure my drivers are up to date, even had a clean windows instal with nothing but the launcher installed,
    still froze up (all windows upgrades were installed)

    I have made a dxdiag but i dont know how to upload it in the forum post...
    I don´t (yet) know how to make a msinfo!

    kind regards and hoping for a quick answer and even swifter fix!

    have a pleasent day!
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    Ubi-Wan's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hello there, kenthyssen, welcome to the forums! I'm really sorry to hear about this happening after you've subscribed to Ubisoft+. And especially after having tried all these steps!

    It sounds as though you've done quite a bit of troubleshooting here. I'd like to have you create a new support case with our dedicated team who can have a closer look into things after gathering your system files there. (We typically don't grab those over forums!) You can learn how to grab a copy of your MSinfo file, as well as how to upload it to the new case you create here!
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    hello and thanks for the swift reply

    i am however having issues trying to make a thread to get help,
    IT says that only live chat is to be used and that allone.
    Now i cannot create a new thread with the dxdiag and msinfo file added, and they do not list wich hours and timezone the live chat is active...

    kind regards..
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    Sorry to hear you are having this issue, kenthyssen. Our live chat availability can be found Here. Please know you can also submit a case via email. You can also create a support ticket with our social media support on the Ubisoft Support Facebook or Ubisoft Support Twitter.
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