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    Need help with DARPA mission, hard+

    Hello, I'm looking to finish the field research for the Firewall. I just need to finish the DARPA mission on hard+..

    I haven't even been able to finish it on story mode or a friends session on hard.
    Tried about 10 times and moved on to other missions.
    I get to the end and the boss and a few other golds just hard rush and over whelm me.

    Asking if someone or 3 could help me finish this quest in the next day or two.
    If someone could hard carry me through an heroic that would be sweet, need better gear.

    Joining your clan could be a possibility but not mandatory.

    Just DM me and we can coordinate a time.

    Thanks for looking.

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    same thing with me. garbage game didn't pass my thing and its 2021. Im done with completing anything in an old dead game
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