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    Capitalize Letters in uPlay Name

    Hey I would like to learn how I would be able to capitalize the W in my name from wido to Wido. The support website wasn't loading for me so I posted on the forum. Can anyone help?
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    I was able to do this when I created my Account on the Site.

    When I setup my User Name, I chose to have Capitals in the User Name before Submitting it for Public Use.

    I have never tried having the Name Changed.

    Chances are, you might need Support to do this for you. I can't exactly be 100% Positive by this, though.

    Good Luck!

    If Support has to do it for you, I think you get a limited Number of times they will help you with it.
    So you may wanna make sure they get it right on the 1st Try.
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    Hey there wido! FirePitOfSanity is correct, you would need to contact Support to update the username on your Ubisoft account! There is not a limited number of times you can change it, however after it is updated you will not be able to change it again for 30 days. To update the username on your Ubisoft account, please create a support ticket or contact Ubisoft Support Facebook or Ubisoft Support Twitter!
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