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    it happend again today we win.. they say sorry and got kick and penalty .. fk fix the game..
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    Originally Posted by UbiYubble Go to original post
    Hey folks,

    I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. In regards to cheaters, right now your best bet is to clip anything you see suspicious and touch base with our Support team so they can investigate. Also, since I do see quite a few threads on here about this, I'll pile these up and send them off to the For Honor team as well.

    OP, just be mindful about making multiple threads about the same topic! They should all be able to fit in one thread, so I've gone ahead and merged everything here.
    Well at least you are answering this, I will try to concentrate reports or links in on one thread the next time, but popular and pro gamers of FH are getting cheated as the average player, this is on the rising so maybe UBI need to tackle down this first if they want to appeal to a bigger masses.
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    yeah its better to post all the stuf here on this tread.
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