This would be 1bot vs 8 players or 1 player vs 6.
It would be an asymmetrical game similar to dead by daylight, tribute, and the new event.
You would have two teams of survivers on an larger map like an open breach map
So heros on both teams have twice as high health as usual. When the 1st level of health is gone they enter a wounded stage were they walk slower (ubi could use the oos animation to show this without the black and white). The second "wounded" stage is were you can be executed by the single player.
How to win the game:.
Similar to tribute you gather the tributes. When you get all three tributes a portal opens on the other side of the map. The team who engaged the portal have a limited time to get to the portal.
Any teammate that engaged the portal has the option of healing fully or leaving the game inside the portal.
When the team is down to two people (for the bot game) or 1 person (for the single player) a random portal will be open instead of using the tributes and the tributes can be used as buffs (like normal tribute games).
The monster (bot or single player) winning: the monster has normal health that can recreate when out of lock. If the monster is executed the monster will autorevive or respawn in 30 second with half health, it's the monsters choice.
The goal is to hunt down wounded survivers and execute them and take them out of the game. If the monster is executed the player gains back his 2nd health level but is still wounded.

Players on the two teams cannot kill each other. They can only take the other player down to one hitpoint for the monster to finish them off.

The team that leaves wins or the monster wins.

*This is a concept. I realize there is a balance issue with the tribute gathering. This is more of a rough draft of an asymmetrical game mode.

*It would be a nice touch if the monsters mask outfit customization stayed on the entire game to differentiate him as the monster rather than a teamplayer.