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    New Player looking for a Clan

    Hello new player here Me an the Wife looking for a Adult Clan must be active with Discord or some other type of voice chat..
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    Good afternoon Johnny2theo your more then welcome to come hang out with us over at United We Stand. Our average age range is around 30 to 50

    16 years of online clan gaming experience, over 3,000 members and many different games that we enjoy together including Division.

    A fun, helpful, welcoming, chilled and awesome bunch of people to hang out with. There is plenty of banter to go around, We are NA with some EU, we are age 20 to 81 and welcome all players 18+.

    We have ZERO drama and ZERO toxic players and ZERO negativity BS.

    Recruitment post-> https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthrea...ING-(Est-2003)
    Our Website---> https://www.uwsgaming.com/
    Our Forums---> https://forums.uwsgaming.com/
    UWS Discord https://discord.gg/unitedwestand
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