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    I dont know what context that could have been in and not been toxic from the start
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    Originally Posted by OreoRx Go to original post
    Ok first of all I was talking about people who don't try to improve even with given advice. I wasn't saying people overall. But what I say was a too far I apologize for that I will change and update that. Sorry for the Negative Behavior.
    Well tho it was true, a good part (if not a majority by now) are brainless monkeys that neither try to improve to reflect.

    As soon as they struggle with something or something does not fit there exceptions they gonna cry around and demand that it get changed in a way they can deal with it.

    I don’t really think highly of a majority of the community in this game (not on a personal level tho because I do not know these people)
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    Originally Posted by Saint_YeetsXB Go to original post
    I dont know what context that could have been in and not been toxic from the start
    the context of gaser is an example, he oreo could handle it like gaser put it, so we can detect the context in a way is less negative. Cause yeah a great portion of the playerbase hate a little struggle.
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    Originally Posted by MastlyCJ Go to original post

    Im here to talk about how to counter lightspamming in For Honor. Since people have a hard time on blocking and parrying light they start to complain. I will tell you what to do in order to improve but that is your choice and this is my opinion.

    How to Counter Lightspammers:

    The game is all about predictions and reads when it comes to light attacks. To understand how to counter light spam you have to read your opponent. Just like a fighting game such as Mortal Kombat you can study the directions of your opponents attacks since most players have a certain pattern based off there own muscle memory when they attack you. Once you do read them you have the advantage. Beginners or Starter players will be at a lost and feel pressured since they like to light and dodge spam. They won't know what to do since they only understand lightspamming. Now for Pros you have to play a lot different. Most pros turtle (Also known as passive plays) so you can't understand there attack pattern. Try to be unpredictable when fighting them and don't spam attacks. Fient your attacks and do mixups. Not too many mixups tho.

    Just try your Best!!


    Light Block Training: Choose Highlander or Shugoki and put to light attack only. (COOLDOWN OFF)

    Heavy Block Training: Choose Gladiator or Centurion and put to Heavy attack only. (COOLDOWN OFF)

    Deflect Training: Select Tinadi and select all undodgeable attacks. OR Choose Orochi and selectd all undodgeable attacks. Tinadi is way harder to deflect but I recommend start off with Orochi first for Beginners. (COOLDOWN OFF)

    This training will help you improve on Parrying, Blocking, and Deflecting. But this is Training mode. It will help you improve but you still need to read real opponents since that's what the game about and your facing AIs in training mode not actually people. If you want to improve at reading your opponents start off learning in Duels or ask a friend for help. That's all! Now Stop Complaining and Improve!!!

    PS, Once your good in Duels I recommend go play Rank to see where your skill level at.
    Hypothetical what if it's a different pattern every move
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    Originally Posted by Nobody7heGreat Go to original post
    Hypothetical what if it's a different pattern every move
    It is not possible. Everyone has patterns. It is of course, easier to tell that after 3-6-9, 12 is the next number, it is far harder to predict something like 1-3-6-11-18-29-42-59. But there is a pattern, better players have better ones, but there is a pattern. If you decode it before he decodes yours, you win.
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