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    Abandoned farm in the mountains/hills

    Has anyone else found an empty farm not in the story? Could be part of a dlc. Its a really nice place, log cabin, sheds, vehicles, what looks like pig pen(complete with blood spatter) cattle/horse pen, furniture, firewood, and a growing garden with onion, lettuce, tomatoes, a bunch of what I've seen some people call pot plants, and another spot that's either empty or for mushrooms maybe. I am guessing here but, it makes me think its t-bones place. But only because as I searched the rest of the mountain range I found school busses, and this is the only place I remember ever seeing school busses in the whole game. 3 of them to be exact. No collectables, no NPCs , just what is IMO the best place in the game to want to live.
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    Do you have coordinates, or a pic on the map? It does ring a bell but I don't remember exaxctly...
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    i found something similar, i dont know if it is what you are describing
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