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    An Open World Server + Other Things

    I just thought of this randomly really, but wouldn't it be awesome if For Honor had an open world server? Warriors could either log into the "Competitive Play", like the game modes we have now such as Breach, Dominion, Brawl, or they could log into the "Casual Play" by logging onto the open world server. They would be able to make their own custom warrior with unique armor and weapons, the armor would only be for visual purposes, and their fighting style would be with whatever weapon they have. The stats would be determined by what "Base Hero" they choose and based on what that is the weapon they use would either have special advantages or disadvantages to the way they fight. Say if the Base Hero was Shinobi and the weapon I use is the Highlander's Claymore, I would be at a disadvantage because the fast and mobile Shinobi wouldn't be able to use the big and sturdy Claymore to their advantage, but if I had the Orochi's Katana then I would still be fast and mobile, but I wouldn't be able to use some of the special moves of the Shinobi. Or they could just login with whatever Hero they want to with.

    The way I have the map thought up is that it'll still be the Faction Map, but you could roam and explore every inch of it. You could be a Viking from Valkenheim and raid the castles of the Knights, you could be a Knight fighting against another Knight for power, you could be a Samurai on a secret mission spying on enemies, or even a Wu Lin hidden from the world. To make it work, there would have to be A.I. bots everywhere and also spawn points for Warriors, but this would be awesome because if you wanted to win the Faction War without having to rely on random Soldier numbers to win a zone, you could interact with other Warriors and lead fights against a villainous Knight that has captured some of you Viking friends, breach a castle and slay a mighty Commander, or even just hang out and party. I think proximity voice would best work in this kind of thing, and let's say I am a Wu Lin and my enemy is a Samurai, the Samurai wouldn't be able to understand me unless I register them as an Ally so we could better communicate.

    I want to keep expanding on this idea and, hopefully, see it come to life. I would love to hear any ideas anyone else has or what they think about this.
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    Expanding On Custom Heroes

    Expanding on the Custom Heroes part of my suggestion. Let's say that I decided to choose Raider as the Base Hero of my Custom Hero. The stats of the Custom Hero would be the stats of the Base Hero, taking Raider as an example, it would be 140 Health, 130 Stamina, and 2.4 m/s Sprint Speed. The weapon with the most affinity would be of course the Dane Axe, but let's say I didn't want to use that weapon and that I wanted to use the Lawbringer's Poleaxe. Since it is a 2-handed polearm, Raider would have some affinity with it. Since the Base Hero was Raider, I could use his charge, but since I didn't have the Dane Axe, I couldn't use Storming Tap, but I could flip enemies over my shoulder since I was using the Poleaxe.

    Basically, the Stats of the Custom Hero are based on what the Base Hero is, then the Custom Hero could use the bodily ability Base Hero, but only if the conditions of using that ability are met. They could also use the ability of the weapon they are using if the conditions of using the said weapon are met. Like, you couldn't dual wield Longswords, but you could wield the Viking Sword and Bearded Axe at the same time. Weapons that are similar to what the Base Hero originally fights with will have an affinity with the Base Hero, weapons that are not won't, and the weapon that the Base Hero originally fights with will have the most affinity.
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    They likely aren’t going to be able to make an open-world server until they fix their current servers.
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