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    Unfair ban on Rainbows Six Siege

    I got banned on Rainbow Six Siege for a hacker being in my game and me spectating him. I did my research about this and found out some people have gotten banned for hackers being in there game and i don't know if its true but i know i haven't been hacking and its happen to some people so i think that's the problem or maybe the anti cheat accidentally banned me but i don't believe that since siege has a good anti cheat. What i think is when i was spectating the hacker the anti cheat could of thought that i was the hacker. I'm not very sure but i want to get unbanned since i did nothing but spectate a hacker in my game and get banned and now i'm sad cause i bought siege with my birthday money meaning my birthday money is gone now. If any moderators or admins sees this post please resolve this issue.
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    In order to reach out for a an appeal you will have to go through our support team. Please create a ticket and reach out through them here.
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