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    [Video]Beautiful Scenery of My 600+ Hours Savegame

    Thanks for watching!
    I'd like to upload my savegame soon.
    It's a pity that I'm too busy to improve all details in the video.
    There is only a few kinds of simple ways about camera motion in the game, so this may be the best effect I could make by the game itself.
    Because of the limit of my PC's hardware, frame loss is unavoidable. Plz ignore that
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    Well this was pretty amazing. How do you design your cities? These don't seem like the cookie cutter house layouts the I see so often. Is it well-made 10by10s?
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    Beautifully done! Great work with creating the video, great views and action. The developers should really add that feature they have, where you can do a fly over of your city. Rather than just panning like that, think of what players could produce with such features.
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    there is a way to store camera points then jump to them, i don't know if this gives the flying effect, is this how you did it, Breadom?
    nice video
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    Very nice!
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