Below you find the issues we have identified that some players might be currently experiencing in the game. The dev team is already aware of them and working on fixing these issues ASAP. While we have listed the most impactful bugs, this list is not exhaustive and may not include all issues present in the build.

Additionally, we released our bug reporter for Watch Dogs: Legion and you can find reported issues and submit bugs you found here:

  • Photomode is currently unavailable.
  • The "Recruit an Operative" objective in the New Resistance mission may not complete even after recruiting someone.
    POTENTIAL WORKAROUND: Find a hotspot with influence and attempt to recruit another operative.
  • Vehicles of other players might appear to be teleporting and have no collision.
  • The “Get a 3-Kill streak in Spiderbot Arena” challenge does not properly update and complete.
  • An infinite loading screen might occur when joining a Spiderbot Arena lobby after other players have declined the invite.
    Workaround: Restart the mission.
  • An access key might spawn in an unreachable location during the Reversion mission.
    Workaround: Restart the mission.
  • Albion NPCs can become stuck in a looping animation when exiting a vehicle.
  • Melee weapons can become unequipped after using them.
  • Due to desynchronization other player’s weapon models might not always be accurate.
  • Announcement popups (e.g. when forming a lobby) are currently missing from the game.
  • NPCs can appear to use a sped up sliding animation instead of running under certain circumstances.
  • Map icons might not appear after finishing the intro mission of the Online mode.
    Workaround: Restart the game.
  • Map objectives are not updating immediately during solo assignments.
    Workaround: Waiting and scouting the area can make the marker appear and the objective update.

  • We're currently investigating various crashes happening in Online Mode on various platforms.

  • The game can crash when linking a PSN account to Ubisoft Connect.

PlayStation 4:
  • Location cards can disappear when disconnecting a cable connection.

PlayStation 5:
  • The game can crash when exiting to the Main Menu after playing Online mode.

Xbox Series X/S
  • The game can crash when disconnecting a cable connection while idling in the Main Menu.

  • RTX sometimes does not activate.
  • Bagley’s subtitles are shifted to the right on multi-monitor setups that use AMD Eyefinity.
  • Dunia Demo Error can appear for some players.