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  1. #911
    Game would have definitely crashed by now. Still going strong! Hesitantly saying yes, it's working again!
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  2. #912
    mine is still working .. 2 millisecond freezes but that's all no crashing nothing
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  3. #913
    Still getting the exact same crash on PC cant play for more than 5-10 minutes I don't think the reported fix did anything.
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  4. #914
    Can confirm at least for me it is indeed fixed! Thanks all! xoxo
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  5. #915
    Not fixed for me yet
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  6. #916
    been playing for 30 min now, no crash...
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  7. #917
    @LifeIsRiggedVSU why are you posting like this?

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  8. #918
    been playing for 1 hour, problem is gone. Ubisoft Connect is off
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  9. #919

    Working now after new update (11:30 a.m Pacific Time)

    Been working again for me now. Seems to be back to normal. Thanks Dev Team.
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  10. #920
    I don't know what you did today, but your latest server-side changes seemed to fix my crashes!
    The update from Ubisoft connect didn't fix it, i had crashes after this update.
    Now the game didnt crash for about ~50min, so I set up the graphics to good and start playing.

    I always tested for crash like this: low graphics setttings, windows mode, character selection screen.
    "normally" since the bad change yesterday, the game crashed after 2-4 mins in this screen.
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