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    I need my nintendo switch unlinked from my old ubisoft account

    I recently bought a copy of Immortals Fenyx Rising for Nintendo Switch so I can play my saved game from my Xbox Series X, but when I went to play it I found my Nintendo Switch was linked to my old Ubisoft account that I haven't used for years. I've tried everything I can to unlink it, including deleting that account, but I can't. I've tried opening up a support case, but the website won't let me, telling me to fill out all catergories when I already have. I'm hoping i can get some help on here since I can't seem to find any other avenues of support. My account I need unlinked is Jdstotts2641. Thank you in advance.
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    Hey there MrSelf-Destruct! Thank you for getting in touch.

    This is something we can certainly resolve for you, however we need to do this in private. As you are having issues creating a case (this may help!), you can also DM us on Twitter or Facebook and we can help you unlink the old account.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
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