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    Cannot login to anymore platforms besides my PSN

    I have been with Ubisoft for 15 years and I have always signed in with my PSN account. Now that you have implemented Ubisoft Connect the ability to login to other platforms has been made available. While this is a very convenient feature, the lack of being able to login with nothing but an email has made things very difficult. I have the app on my computer and my phone, both allowing me to log in with my PSN, but neither allowing me to access Account Management. There doesn't seem to be an email associated with my account, only my PSN. As I am aware that there can be issues when dealing with new systems, I am not too happy with the fact that there are games that do not allow you to play without being logged in to Ubisoft. I have a Switch and have purchased games that I own on other platforms only to find out that they are deemed useless because of my inability to login to Ubisoft.

    Here are my credentials:
    Cameron Scott
    Username: crymsonenigma
    no email for my account
    PSN: SurgicalMenace
    I own far more than 18 games but that is what I've been able to play, so far.
    There is another account with my email, but none of my progress or games are associated with that email.
    If at all possible, I'd like to see if my PSN and games can be linked to it. It is as follows;

    This is the email associated with my PSN as well.

    Thank you,

    Cameron D. Scott

    Note: If possible, can you respond to this communication at <removed>
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    Hey there, crymsonenigma! I see that you were able to get this resolved via the Support portal yesterday. Please let us know if you have any other questions going forward.
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