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    Ps4 to Ps5 Corss progression issue

    Hi Support,

    I got the Ps5 today (finally) and was all excited about playing Valhalla on next gen console but unfortunately my 145 hours worth of game progression is not showing up on Ps5 version of the game. I have tried every possible solution on the internet and nothing is supposed to be working.

    The save files do not have cloud icon on them which, to me, means that for some reason the save files are not being uploaded to Ubisoft Connect cloud storage. Just to clarify, I have followed the steps for cross progression on Ubisoft support website.

    Please let me know if the issue can be resolve and if I need to provide any further information.

    Thank you!

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    Hello Dev_elop_er..., welcome to the forums!

    Sorry to hear that your saves are not being transferred.

    Can you please confirm if you're using a PSN+ subscription by any chance? If so, has your save been transferred to the cloud?

    Additionally, can you please clarify if you're receiving any errors while trying to upload your saves to our cloud? Many thanks and if you have any additional questions, please let us know.
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