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    Atomic Terror world event

    Hello. I hope this is still an active service.

    I am having a problem with the current Live Event: Atomic Terror. I have played trough it twice now, but i get no Career points awarded. Every time i close the game and reopen it.The progress is lost and i have to play it again. Can anyone help me with thie porblem?
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    Atomic Terror is probably the most bugged event of all.
    I used to save my games right before the end of each mission in order to have the opportunity progression within different game sessions. I made it to get the title and Scorpio portrait.
    As you could also see, there is no event progression of other players, so nobody gets the career points within this event. I would not hope that the issue will be ever resolved.
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    i have some problem with understanding how world events work. i have Anno 2070 from it's premiere long time ago, but i've never been on-line player and never interested for any other things than single player. i back to Anno 2070 after 2 years and i see, that i haven't unlocked Orca, which can be unlocked in Nordamark missions. i know that these missions are available after buying DLC, but i have all of them. i know, that this missions are available when proper world event is active, but here appears my question - are events still alive?
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    Events at least were active. The last one ended on the 9th of February.
    Also DLCs do not unlock missions but give you access to the similar technologies and buildings as those that you would get as a reward after completing world events but with a different skin and name (like a SAAT variant).
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