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    So, when can we gift a game?

    When will we be able to gift a game to another user? People have been asking for this for YEARS. You are not doing customer service any favours here. If Ubisoft isn't going to provide gifting, then get out of the game and let STEAM take over.
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    My "gift" took eleven days to transfer to my son's account, including a couple of reminder emails I had to send.

    Unfortunately it appears that while Ubisoft have exclusive content, they don't care about the competition of Steam, nor customer service.

    That's disappointing, I have been a big fan of Ubisoft games for years. And I like to buy them for my son. But I should be able to do this from the comfort of my own home, and not have to drive to his house to log into his account before I can do so.
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